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product: Our Story

Story of a craftspeople company

 Founded in 1990 by Léo Lévesque and André Talbot, Lauriermax began in a small workshop where skilled artisans created custom furniture. This love of woodworking led to exceptional know-how in hand-crafting and finishing wood cabinetry, and the orders just kept coming.

Soon the Lauriermax artisans came to understand the value of combining artistry with high production capacity. So, the handful of craftsmen invested time and energy turning Lauriermax into a regional leader in industrial high-end cabinet manufacturing. These passionate artisans are still involved today, as both shareholders and workers.

The business’ reputation soon crossed the border as American designers couldn’t resist the fine craftsmanship found in Lauriermax products. Growth accelerated, sales increased by 20% per year, and the number of employees grew significantly. Investments were made and Lauriermax was soon equipped with a cutting-edge laboratory and workshop. Product offerings increased thanks to innovative development that improved manufacturing techniques and transcended physical boundaries.


 Our heritage: The French tradition in furniture

Québec is a fertile melting pot of French, British, and American influences. This unique environment permitted Québec artisans to develop a distinctive savoir-faire. At the beginning of the industrialized age, a surprising number of woodworking shops sprang up in the Lotbinière region (home to Lauriermax) and flourished both locally and in the U.S.

Lauriermax is the proud offspring of mixed ancestry, rich in knowledge and innovation. Each cabinet at Lauriermax reflects its heritage; each one abounds in tradition.