Lauriermax is known as one of the finest custom cabinetry manufacturer’s in the market. We do more than simply craft furniture grade kitchens. We give designers the freedom to create environments that truly fit every customer and every lifestyle.

Our passionate craftsmen decided to blend the science of volume production manufacturing to the art of custom cabinetmaking thanks to the acquisition of new technologies, and constantly improving our methods. Created for designers, our inset, framed and frameless lines offer an amazingly diversified selection of door styles, materials, wood species, colors and specialty finishes. Designers from all over North America love Lauriermax for its extended flexibility and its capacity to deliver the most detailed projects, with the result, that each project becomes a personalized testament to our customers imagination, taste, and desires. 



When we founded the company, we looked to operate under a set of rules that would put our customers first. We have held to these ideals, and forged lasting relationships with clients who appreciate what we stand for:

  • Conducting every business aspect with integrity

  • Offering the best products and services possible

  • Going the extra mile to maximize customer satisfaction

  • Always delivering on schedule per our promise

  • Staying up-to-the-minute with new manufacturing technologies

  • Remaining competitive with attractive pricing

Our entire company is set up to adhere to these milestones. With our dedicated team and flexible cabinet construction capabilities, Lauriermax proudly offers designs that range from traditional to European contemporary at highly competitive prices. 



Lauriermax Inc, is the union of the companies: Cuisines Laurier Inc. and Cuisimax, also known as Cuisines MRS Inc.

Founded in 1967 in Victoriaville, Quebec, Cuisines MRS Inc. has been regarded as a leading manufacturer of kitchen and bathroom cabinetry for the Canadian and US markets. Recognized for its face-frame cabinets, Cuisines MRS quickly added frameless cabinet to its product offering to satisfy its growing clientele.  Today, Cuisines MRS attributes its success to the diversity of its products, custom manufacturing, a continued investment in equipment and machinery at the leading edge of technology and the know-how of its employees.

Founded in 1990, Cuisines Laurier was originally a small workshop located in Laurier-Station where skilled artisans made custom kitchen cabinets for the local market. Over the years, the small workshop has acquired the expertise and know-how to compete with the biggest names in the industry. Today, Cuisines Laurier is recognized for the furniture finish quality, customized color development, the diversity of its products and the know-how of its employees. 



Lauriermax’s expertise comes from hundreds of years of tradition. More than 400 years ago, Europeans settled in Québec City region. These newcomers from France brought their French styles and traditions with them. With time, Québec artisans developed a style all their own.

Québec is a fertile melting pot of French, British, and American influences. This unique environment allowed Québec artisans to develop a distinctive savoir-faire. At the beginning of the industrialized age, a surprising number of woodworking shops sprang up in the Lotbinière and Bois-Francs regions (home to Lauriermax) and flourished both locally and in the U.S.

Lauriermax is the proud offspring of mixed ancestry, rich in knowledge and innovation. Each cabinet at Lauriermax reflects its heritage; each one abounds with tradition. 



People have always been Lauriermax's richest resource. The original team of dedicated craftsmen has been joined by a bevy of specialists-engineers, colorists, technical specialists, woodworkers, computer-controlled machine operators, customer service agents, and many other wood lovers. Our people are without a doubt, the company's greatest asset in developing and producing a unique line of custom cabinetry. We believe only the most passionate workers can go that extra mile to meet the customer's expectations of perfection. This passion we share with our clientele is certainly what makes Lauriermax a favorite amongst kitchen & bath designers. 




For Lauriermax, creativity and good looks are top priorities. We are dedicated to overcoming technical constraints to maximize our designers’ creativity. Our product lines must adapt to any environment and lifestyle. Each customer is unique and each designer has an infinite number of original ideas. That’s why we have developed a wide choice of products, a myriad of colors, dozens of finishing options, and numerous cabinet door models. Our main goal is to create environments as beautiful and practical as possible, while maximizing space with ingenious customized cabinet designs.

The combinations are limitless. Each Lauriermax design gives your room an inspiring new look. The fine craftsmanship of our artisans and the tradition of our ancestors combine to create pieces that fit each customer perfectly.


Lauriermax is committed to testing the limits of technology and design, to continually offering new products and improving quality. Innovation is more than a necessity, its part of the fabric of our business. Our research and development team gathers our engineering, purchasing, quality control, and sales & marketing departments together around one table to find the best possible integrated solutions. Nothing is taken for granted. We miss no opportunity to improve the quality of our products or the productivity of our personnel.

Our investments in development are ambitious. Our programmers write their own computer programs like Quick Pricing, which enables our designers to work more effectively with fewer errors. Our cutting-edge laboratory creates our own color line.


Lauriermax checks the quality down to the smallest detail, going above and beyond industry requirements. Everything must be perfect, so multiple quality control steps are the norm at each stage of production. Each hand-crafted piece is inspected to ensure it has been perfectly sanded, and all cabinets from the same order are displayed together and scrutinized to ensure uniformity of color. All employees know to remove any imperfect piece from the production line to be reworked until all flaws are corrected. Some may say we are too picky. We say our obsession for perfection only proves our passion for beautifully detailed products.


Even with great software, translating design ideas into buildable orders is a delicate task, requiring thoroughness and precision. So customer service agents are standing by to answer designers’ questions and avoid misunderstandings. They do much more than just answer the phone—they are the customer’s in-house advocates.


At Lauriermax, we keep our word and honor our guarantees. We are committed to fair, transparent business practices, and to respecting our agreements with representatives and distributors. But above all, we respect our customers, providing a variety of authentic, versatile, and exceptionally crafted products that meet their desire for excellence.

Furniture Custom Cabinetry according to your tastes and needs