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  • Wood

    The prestigious, warm and inviting look of natural wood is timeless. Wood offers a wide variety of door styles and wood species to choose from along with a multitude of colors to choose. This lends itself to all styles (classic , contemporary, modern etc.) you will be able to find the perfect combination to satisfy even the most discerning tastes to create a one of a kind design.

  • Lacquer

    Italian lacquer is a multiple step process of layers upon layers of Polyurethane finish which is polished between coats to make a rich deep high gloss. You can also get in a satin finish which offers a resistant matte style finish. The incomparable European high gloss look of Italian lacquer is the perfect complement for your designs.

  • Thermofoil

    Thermofoil has an MDF core on which a film of PVC plastic is thermofused to adhere to different forms. This product offers a wide variety of colors and door models. This is a cost effective option which is low maintenance to create the project of your imagination.

  • Polygloss / Polymatte

    Polygloss is an MDF core material with clear polyester top coat applied on decorative laminate sheet giving a high gloss finish.  Polymatte is an Ultramatte clear polyester top coat applied on decorative laminate sheet characterized by softness to the touch and appearance.  These 2 products are extensively used for a modern clean look.

  • Acrylic

    Acrylic is a MDF core with a colored high gloss acrylic sheet applied to panels. This has UV protection agent integrated in the finish so that the color will conserve its rich glossy sheen for years to come. Ideal for a modern high gloss look coveted in today’s European style kitchens.

  • European Laminate

    Imported from Europe and then transformed locally into many types components. This is a product similar to melamine which offers many colors and textures to choose from. If you are looking for a modern look you can mix and match this product with other finishes to create a modern look that will be both beautiful and long lasting.

  • Polyester

    This low maintenance, resistant and affordable product is ideal for doing a melamine kitchen with a more refined look. There are many colors and doors models to choose from to create the kitchen of your dreams. This is the perfect complement to give a high end look at an affordable price.

  • Melamine

    This is a particle board core product which has a sheet of melamine resin applied through high pressure heat. This quality product is one of the most affordable options offered; it comes in a multitude of colors and finishes. The heat resistance, strength and affordability make this one of the go to choices for designers.

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Showing 1 - 99 of 160 items